The Alchemist- Learnings..

The Alchemist

I found the book to be a pretty interesting read.  The author has injected some really deep philosophy into the fable in such a nice way that the book doesn’t feel preachy at all. The three things that affected me the most were these-

  1. The book talks a lot about listening to your heart and becoming “friends” with it. This is basically something like accepting that you have a conscience and making sure you don’t crowd out its voice with other thoughts.. I found it pretty relevant, since I am on a small project to keep the promises I make to others (and myself), and I think this will happen only when I am friends with my heart. This leads to you trusting your heart and it trusting you, which then eventually builds self confidence. Once you can trust your own gut, then nothing can stop you from achieving whatever you want!
  2. One philosophy that keeps repeating in this book is that there is a language without words that everyone can understand, and it is spoken by all things in this world- right from a stone on the ground to animals to man. Santiago’s process of discovering this was quite interesting- especially as he already knew this language on a subconscious level (he could understand his goats even before he knew that he was actually speaking this language…). The author then goes on to say that this language is nothing but Love, and is spoken by everything that God has created. This also reflects on the other concept in this book- that all is One, and God exists inside all of us. A little too abstract to digest for me, but nevertheless very interesting.
  3. The last learning- I really liked the way Santiago follows his dream with such intensity! It takes a lot of courage to give up what you are doing to go in search of something you might not even get..  For this to happen, you need to have a certain level of detachment from your life so that you can stand back and see the big picture..  Things may be a little blurry on the details right now, but if you have the conviction that you will achieve your dream, then the whole universe comes together to make it happen! The best part is- Santiago learnt much much more from the process of realizing his dream, than the treasure itself. The author ends the story with him finding his treasure, and does not show what Santiago does with his life after that. I think he is trying to tell us that it is the journey that is important, and not the outcome of the journey.

Until the next book.. 🙂


One thought on “The Alchemist- Learnings..

  1. Dear Shwe,

    Loved your 3 learnings.. My thoughts on each –

    1) I think you’ve got it spot on here. One thing I have found with my heart (atleast) is that anything that is not a yes, is a ‘No’. These are from my little experiments with myself.. haha.

    2) I find the 2nd one a bit too deep myself. My simple interpretation is that a smile, a hug and kiss means the same across all cultures.. and at the end of the day, let’s make sure we’re giving away those smiles, hugs and kisses. 🙂

    3) And yes, step 1 – funny as it sounds, is to just dream. I found this to be a big learning. 2 funny quotes greatly helped –

    ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else’ and
    ‘When I was small, I wanted to be somebody when I grew up.. now I realize I should’ve been more specific’..


    To love, life and laughter,

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