Asking for help..

Today was my third day at work.. and it wasn’t bad. The work was still the same.. huge and scary looking but there was one improvement- I asked for help. I am working on understanding and programming micro controllers, and I have never done anything like this ย in school. So I was totally lost, and trying to plough my way through 1000 pages of notes (still am). My fellow intern however, has already done something close to this before and he was flying through the code, so to speak. Today I decided to talk to him properly and find out a little about the guy, since we are going to be stuck in the same lab for 3 months.. And turns out he is a really nice person! And when I asked him a few doubts about the project, he readily offered to help me out with understanding the code, and I felt really good because of this. So even though I haven’t made much headway yet.. I hope to see some light atleast by the end of this week.

So here’s to putting your ego aside and asking for help when you need it. ๐Ÿ™‚


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