Universal Studios!

Today was an AWESOME day! Me, and 2 friends from school took a trip down to the Universal Studios, Singapore! We spent the whole day there, and thoroughly enjoyed it! A detailed post on what we did there coming soon.. 🙂

A learning for today comes from Universal Studios itself. The tickets were costly, true.. but the amount of care and hospitality shown by everyone in the Park was amazing! Right from the ticket checkers to the ice cream vendors, everyone was always smiling and asking us to have a great time! And we could clearly see the care taken to construct everything in the Park- the costumes for the show people were so beautifully made, each set had so many little details, and even the posters had little inside jokes in them! These little things are what make up the cohesive whole, and the sooner people realise this, the better. So even though we blew up money today, it doesn’t seem like a waste. There was such an air of “feeling-good-about-life” there, that we didn’t feel like leaving the Studios at all!

And with that good feeling, I am going to try and overcome the ever-present Monday Blues that await me tomorrow..


5 thoughts on “Universal Studios!

  1. Hey, u have started a highly readable blog posting !
    Keep ’em coming… I look forward to it everyday !

    Yes, Disneyland very clearly understands ‘what business they are in’ and ensures that your first experience will always bring more of your future visits and generate a good word of mouth ! Believe me it takes a tremendous amount of work in creating business processes (at all customer interaction points) and training all employees to ensure that they leave a happy experience with every visitor.
    Glad you enjoyed with your best friend ! 🙂

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