Evening at the Museum

Today was an interesting day. After work, I left for the Asian Civilisations Museum! It is very picturesquely located near the Singapore River in the heart of the city,  and I thoroughly enjoyed walking all around the place savouring the scenic beauty. 🙂

The Museum is broadly divided into the China, South-East Asia, South Asia and Singapore history, with little subdivisions beneath each. I have always been a big fan of History, and I was enchanted with the classiness of this Museum! (my level of comparison was the Egmore Museum in Chennai.. haha). This was like the Museums described in novels, and I eagerly took all the art in! They have installed artefacts from all over Asia with interesting anecdotes to each piece- be it Mughal swords, Javanese jewellery, Buddhist stupas, or the Chinese Fan paintings. The purpose of my visit was to gain some insight into Buddhism and while I got that done, I only wish I had a little more time to spend to walk through the rest of the galleries.. I am planning to go again on an excursion soon! 🙂

This trip brought back memories of driving down with family all over India, to many many temples and old historical buildings. My dad is a big fan of history as well, and we used to have a lot of very interesting conversations about the story behind each place, who built it and why.. There is still so much more to be explored!

As I was reflecting on my ‘high’ with history.. I wondered if its because I haven’t been in touch with it for so long. Maybe if I took up Archaeology as my career it would have been a different story. When you actually get down to doing some work, it becomes much less interesting all of a sudden. Its all very nice to go visit museums and appreciate them from the outside, but it is probably a lot of dry work documenting every piece, etc. It is the same thing that is happening to me with Engineering now.. Depends on each one’s perspective of things I suppose. Something to think about..

And happy weekend folks! 😀


4 thoughts on “Evening at the Museum

  1. Last week we attended a Sound&Light programme in Tirumalai Nayak Mahal in Madurai which transported us back to life in 16th-17th centuries. We missed you…
    Museums are a great way to expand our horizon and I believe that such visits are more educative than reading a dozen books on history. Whenever you visit any big european/american city in future, check out the museum there. I am sure you will find them fascinating.
    Who knows after finishing engg you could become a Robert Langdon ):

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