Am I a boring office-goer?

My sister made a very interesting comment a few days back. We were Skyping, and suddenly she remarked that I have become very “old and boring” and that I should lighten up a bit. Although I was very upset with her for saying that (initially), now that I have had two days of thinking to do, I have made a few observations..

At home in Chennai, our neighbours are a very nice couple in their thirties, with a young daughter. They are in the “prime of life”, both with very good jobs, daughter a sweet child and seemingly no care in the world. However, they seemed to be very boring people to me! During the weekends, all this couple used to do was sleep and eat at home. I never could fathom how they could be so uninteresting- they never went for movies or to restaurants. Weekends meant stay-at-home-and-sleep time. On the other hand, my parents were quite the opposite! They always used to go out somewhere each week and managed to do something useful/fun every weekend.

…. fast forwarding to now, I am interning and I see myself longing for the weekend not so that I can have loads and loads of awesome fun, but so that I can  SLEEP! I could not believe myself when I realised this. Have I become one of those boring people who just want to do nothing unproductive/ exciting during their free time? This scares me.

So I guess I have to be proactive about my weekends as well, and be determined to do something useful! 🙂

On another note, I think this is also why people who go to work put on a lot of weight in the beginning stage.. They just go to the office, come back and sleep. We should take a conscious effort to get some exercise and be fit even though our schedules seem jam-packed.


4 thoughts on “Am I a boring office-goer?

  1. Hahaha.. very interesting observation.

    I seem to be getting there as well. Killing a Saturday just sleeping and doing nothing seems perfectly justified after a tough week doesn’t it?

    But yes, soon enough one starts realizing that there are productive ways to unwind and its not like we are soooo old that we cant take a week of activity! Its all in the mind.

    Anyways, time for the “week”. Should revisit this post on 28th evening 🙂

  2. Welcome to the real world of jobs!
    You may like to figure out if the ‘fatigue’ is mental or physical.
    If it is mental fatigue, an active weekend is the antidote.
    If it is the physical one or a combination, sleep away the weekend. Again working couple may behave differently unlike singles like you…..

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