Smile at people!

Today was a very productive day, thanks to my new and improved planner that fines me every time I don’t complete a task. Managed to get a 10 on 12 for the first time and feeling very satisfied with myself!

A really nice thing happened today as I was coming back home from work. It was just starting to rain- not so much that you can’t step out but enough to get you wet. As I didn’t have an umbrella with me (duh) and I was getting late for dance class, I decided to brave the rain. And just as I was crossing the road, a really nice lady came up to me and offered to share her umbrella with me. It was such a nice gesture! Such a small thing, but it really made my day. πŸ™‚

She walked me till the bus stop and went on her way.. so nice of her to do that! Its these small things like smiling at random strangers and saying good morning, etc that really brighten up someone’s day! I should make a conscious effort to be more friendly with the universe from tomorrow. πŸ˜€


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