I <3 PGP

Ok, although the heading is I heart PGP, I am going to write a few good things about Raffles Hall to keep myself from missing my home (in Singapore) too much :-/

1. Raffles Hall has made me immune to random insects I didn’t even know existed.

2. Raffles Hall has subway nearby, so I am not totally starved.

3. Raffles Hall is cheap!

4. Raffles Hall is close to work.

5. Raffles Hall has washing machines in the bathrooms.

6. Raffles Hall has clean bathrooms!

7. Raffles Hall has double rooms, so I can sit and gossip with my roommate all night long!

There. That doesn’t seem so bad now! 🙂 Although I still miss pgp.. I even miss Anjappar! (never thought that day would come..hahaha)


5 thoughts on “I <3 PGP

    • You know.. I started out this daily comment (even if its a smiley) thing on your blog as you’d started with ‘oh, I’ve got only 1 reader on my blog’ feeling. Now, I realize you’ve 3 comments every day.. and that’s more that what my blog has ever managed.. ha ha..

      Here’s to growth.. 🙂

  1. Has the Subway Business Head called on you yet? You must be one of their major account and a loyal customer….

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