Looooong day

What a long day! Its probably because I have stayed up really late, but oh well.  Was a pretty productive day at the end of it, and also had its elements of fun..

Had amazingly spicy food for dinner! Thanks to the awesome culinary skills of my friend. I didn’t manage to get the chocolate cake thanks to some bad timing.. but Cheers ice cream came to the rescue and saved the day!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy busy Sunday though! Neck-deep in Indian Dance work.. Filter coffee, here I come. 🙂

Found this quote very apt for today- the last 10% of any task takes as much time as the first 90% of it. But that is what is going to help you stand out from all the other 90%ers in this world!

Happy Sunday everyone. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Looooong day

  1. Its the other way.
    90% work gets done in the eleventh hour that is 10% (or 11%?)of the total project time !

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