Eventful Friday

Had a pretty interesting day.. full of highs and lows. Excessive amounts of caffeine can do that to you I guess. Anyway, a lot of observations to share..

1. I hate hate HATE losing buses! I always try and run till my legs give away so that I can catch a bus. Whenever I see the bus pulling away from the stop and I am so close, but yet miss it by like a second, I really get upset! Today I managed to catch a 196 after running like crazy, but also missed an A2 later in the evening.. Two very contrasting high and low reactions.

2. Friends are there to tell you when you should be doing something better. Today I had to fill out an application that was due at 12 midnight, and I started filling it out only by 10pm. Now, my conscience was pricking pretty powerfully by then, and I was a little tense about whether I would be able to complete the application to my satisfaction. Right at this moment, my friend pointed out to me that I am a very last-minute person, and unfortunately I didn’t take it very well. On retrospection, it occurred to me that what she said is very true, and she obviously means well.. So we made up and I hope everything is back to normal now.

The point of this story is that we all (especially me) should be more open to feedback, especially when it is given to us by our closest friends. Also that timing is everything.. had she said the same thing sometime later after I had finished my application, perhaps this incident would never have occurred..

The good thing is that I did manage to complete the form, although I think I have learnt my lesson..

3.  The World Cup is here! For some reason, I am very excited about it this time around. Probably because I am reading and watching news nowadays.. haha. Looking forward to seeing some good matches. 😀

4.  Weekend is here! Going to busy with cca work, but hopefully fun with a museum trip and shopping trip (GSS, baby! 😀 :D) thrown in.

Happy weekend folks! 🙂


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