Eat before you exercise. Makes a lot of difference! Today, I grabbed a few slices of bread and some milk and I was full of energy in dance class. We also learnt something new, so that had a positive effect on my mood as well.

I have developed a new-found love for supermarkets. I used to loathe them as a kid, when my mother used to drag me to the nearby Nilgiris to do grocery shopping. But now since I am jobless in the one hour lunch break at work, my favourite haunt is the Fusionopolis supermarket. It is always so well stocked, and its a nice pass-time to compare the different products. It is either this, or read the Straits Times in the office pantry, and I infinitely prefer to window shop in peace.

Anyway, monday has finally passed. Time to sleep and wait for Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Supermarkets

  1. Window shopping is definitely fun. But since this post is all about a-learning-a day, you can look out for scientific principles employed in super market displays, promos, footfall management etc being a marketing student you are 🙂

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