Dropbox woes.. and spreading the love

One of those blah days when everything could have gone a bit better. I am very scatter-brained and today, I came home from work to realise that I had lost some important data for a proposal I am writing.

Its very easy getting irritated at yourself, but difficult to stop the anger and self pity and start fixing the problem. That is what I tried to do today, and I have not fully succeeded, but atleast the realisation has hit.. Β And that is the learning for today.

Feel-good songs help though. Thanks to 3 friends and their song suggestions, I feel better about the situation already. πŸ™‚

Another cause of joy is the fact that the a-learning-a-day/ being-happy-about-life-everyday concept is spreading! πŸ˜€ one of my best friends has decided that she will mail me one reason for gratitude everyday! I feel very happy that she is going to be a happier person from now on. πŸ˜€


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