Parcel from Home!

Today was a very random-mood swing day! A lot of things happened:

1. I got a parcel from my parents in India!! It was just a small thing with a few snacks, but it was such a sweet gesture and really put a huge smile on my face. It’s always nice to open a box not knowing whats going to be inside it (but to know that it can only be something awesome).. It felt like I was back home again for those few minutes.

2. Two-hour lunch breaks rock! I came to NUS from work to collect the parcel from the post office and  I decided to have lunch on campus. Had good ol’ science canteen food after a long time.

3. The sun came out again! Felt good after the depressing weather yesterday..

4. My CCA meeting did not go well at all. Dampened my spirits considerably, and my poor roommate had to hear all my grumblings about the world. On the other hand, I finally finished the proposal I had been working on, so that ended the day well. 🙂

Tomorrow is Friday! Long week coming to an end finally. 😀


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