Terror interviewer

Today was special because it was the first time I was an interviewer! We are doing some recruitment for Indian Dance Exco, and I took  interviews for two different posts. Was a very interesting experience, and I learnt a lot from it!

1. Do not excessively talk just for the sake of talking. It’s ok to make your answers concise and to the point.

2. Do not send in a million examples of your work experience.. It just bores the interviewer. For example, this girl who had applied for the post of Coordinator sent me 2 types of resumes, 2 CCA records and 1 testimonial. By the time I finished skimming through all the documents, I was slightly irritated with her for wasting my time, since she had given me so much irrelevant information.

3.  It definitely helps to dress well and have a nice big smile on your face! It did not occur to me before today that the interviewer is also tense before the start of an interview, and a smile helps everyone relax 🙂

At the end of the session, I was exhausted but very excited, since it was such a new experience and it did go fairly well. Looking forward to becoming better with more interviews coming up..

Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂


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