3 day weekend

Today was a mixed day.. lots of sleep, lots of food and very little work.. a nice Sunday with lots of catch up with friends.. if only it weren’t for the fact that Monday kept looming ever closer like a big monster! And now it is already here. Hopefully it wont be a bad day. 🙂

Which brings me to the fact that the days are passing by SO quickly! Just another month for semester to start again! Soon it will be time to move from Raffles Hall to PGP, and then hopefully home! The good thing is that time flies only if you are having fun. Which explains why weekends never seem to be enough. I vote for 8-day weeks, with 5 days of work and 3 day weekends! That way, you do work and still get your holiday.. Who knows, maybe someday it will actually get implemented and I will be given an award for this revolutionary idea that has helped increase human productivity and decrease stress levels.. 😛 [Time to sleep I think..]

Hope you have a good week! 🙂


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