Raffles Hall Exterminators at your service!

Today was a nice day, mainly because I found everything very funny for some strange reason! My friends in office gave me Singlish101 during lunch which I found highly entertaining. I am supposed to do my homework before advanced Singlish starts. 😀

Had an unplanned session with friends where we couldn’t stop laughing at some old jokes.. and came back to my room to see The Small Lizard frisking about! Me and roommate were feeling quite heroic and decided to throw the little bugger out once and for all. And with the aid of my trusty broom, I played some hide and seek with the lizard, finally ambushed it and dragged it out to the hallway!

But the story does not end there.  We found to our horror that the lizard was dead. Or atleast we thought so.. And immediately started imagining the whole village of lizards coming to #316 to take revenge on the 2 exterminators. We actually felt really bad about killing a baby and were thinking of taking this secret with us to the death.  And then we saw that the lizard was not dead- but in fact just moon-bathing, with his back on the ground and legs up in the air. [Or in Coma. But definitely alive.] A few minutes later and it had disappeared.. to torture another pair of innocent girls I guess.

So here is to the fact that I am not a child killer, and tomorrow is a Friday. 😀


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