Familiarity breeds contempt they say.. There are so many things we take for granted on a daily basis. Right from every meal, clean water to drink, money in the bank.. to people who are silently there for you no matter what.

Small things do count, as a friend recently mentioned.. A kind word from someone can make my day, and some snide remark can turn my day upside down.. should think twice before speaking- it makes a world of difference to the person next to you.

I should consciously try and separate my moods from work. Otherwise, I am just going to be dependent on others for a good mood, and hence good work. To achieve a state of detachment, when you can recognise your emotions for what they are and then move on..

(This post probably sounds very random, but I am in a rather pensive and introspective mood resulting from excessive sleep throughout the day, hence these ramblings.. )


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