Have a nice day

Saying “have a nice day!” evokes so much positivity from people! Yesterday, I ran to catch the bus (as usual, sigh.) And the bus driver of the 95 gave me a huge smile, told me to have a great day and waited patiently as I rummaged for my wallet in my over-crowded bag. I was breathless from all the running and so irritated with myself for holding the bus up, but that one simple sentence made me feel a lot calmer.

There is this bus driver in NUS, who drives the B everyday. He is the most positive bus driver I have ever seen!! He greets everyone with a “hello! good day”, and says thank you when people exit the bus. I always feel SO heartened when I see him driving the bus, and it really makes my day. And it’s not just me. This guy has won the “Most Courteous Award” from some organisation, and he has hung it up proudly inside the bus. 🙂

I am consciously remembering to tell people to have a great day whenever I meet them, to make myself feel more positive. (Selfish, I know. But aren’t all good deeds selfish?) Funnily enough, I remember to say this when I speak to acquaintances/strangers, but never with close friends and family.. Taking them for granted again, I guess. Need to focus more and make a real effort not to! 🙂

Have a nice Friday everyone! There is this Bon Jovi song that comes to my mind whenever I say have a nice day.. It’s a very cool song! 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HP5fH9-IwYw


6 thoughts on “Have a nice day

  1. Thats true.. I am making it a point to great every person I meet with a Good Morning / Afternoon and a smiler. Makes the conversation much more pleasanter and it is important – considering people arent that comfortable with English.

    “Aren’t all good deeds selfish?”
    Wow, pretty deep observation. 🙂 But I think true selflessness is possible.

    • True selflessness is possible? Which means, after doing a good deed, you should not have the satisfaction of doing one. I can’t think of anything!
      Even if you were to give up something really precious, you would feel that you did a good thing, which in turn would make you feel saintly (=good about yourself=selfish).

  2. Well, not me as such.. but take Mother Teresa. Does she help people to feel satisfied?

    I think there is a state where you just live for others.. simply because it makes sense and not because it satisfies you. I havent experienced it myself ofcourse.. but I think it is possible.. but as I said, its a pretty deep point. 🙂

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