Talk talk talk!

People who talk too much scare me.

It’s something that has got to do with me being introverted I suppose, but whenever someone starts jabbering I just go mute! Unless it’s an argument (the anger forces me to speak A LOT then). But during normal conversations, I always seem to be the person with the smaller voice whenever I am next to a talkative person who I don’t know personally.

This unfortunately happened to me during a meeting with the CFA management today. It was with a high profile “Business Development Officer” who was extremely talkative. She had a view on everything under the sun (which did not necessarily make sense), and it really left me speechless! And at the end of the meeting, I am not sure if either of us gained anything from it, since I pretty much shut up and let her do all the talking.

This left me feeling irritated with myself, but it is also a great lesson to learn from. I must not shut up!!! At this point, I feel that any rubbish that spews out of my mouth is better than no rubbish at all. Any ideas on how to become a more talkative person?

A temporary solution would be to drink coffee before a meeting, but I am looking for something more long term. 🙂


One thought on “Talk talk talk!

  1. Why should they scare you though? Shouldn’t you be getting angry with them for wasting your time with pointless talk?

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