New Challenge :D

I had an awesome dance class today! We started on a new dance, based on the Shiva Taandavam. The dance is ultra-powerful and so is the music! We had to be masculine and graceful at the same time and there were so many yoga-inspired movements.

I have always felt that the dance I learnt in Chennai far exceeds the dance quality in NUS, also probably because I was in much better form as a kid than I am now. But today was an exception. I had not learnt a taandavam before since I was too young/ was not big enough act as a guy, so I was really excited when learning the dance today! I am far from perfecting it of course, but I really enjoyed myself and am going to take it up as a challenge to be an Awesome Shiva! πŸ˜€

It is all about the body language more than the dance itself.. if you are confident about yourself then it shows in the dance! πŸ™‚ So plenty of hard work coming up πŸ˜€


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