Freshmen are ever so much friendlier than the rest of NUS.

1. They are actually excited to be in NUS! The awesomeness of the campus has not yet been taken for granted by them..

2. They want to get to know as many people as possible (which might be for a purely selfish reason, but still).

Today a Vietnamese Freshman girl sat next to me on the bus. My usually effective ways to avoid eye contact with the neighbour are to fiddle with the phone or look out the window,but they didn’t really work this time. She kept staring at me till I was forced to look back and smile at her. She immediately started chattering about how exciting every single thing in NUS is for her, and I couldn’t help but smile. 🙂 It was a nice reminder to smile at people more often and to keep reminding ourselves of all the good things in our lives..

The good part is that I will have the chance to interact with a lot more freshmen during Matric Fair this year.. so looking forward to that!

It seems like my dad just came a month ago and dropped me off at NUS  and I excitedly roamed around the Matric Fair after buying my cool new Toshiba Laptop.  Two years have flown past and I am on the “other” side of my 4 year course.. I am sure the next two years in NUS will be just as interesting as the last two ones.

Trying to look at the big picture instead of getting bogged down with modules/ internship worries! 🙂

Have a nice Wednesday!


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