Friends Circle

PGP is a fairly lonely place to live. You can be isolated inside your room for days together and no one would even know! It is a tad too lonesome for me. I like my space but would prefer to have people around me most of the time.

Which is why these extra curricular activities are so good.. if not anything, they at least expose you to people outside of your clique and make you realise the value of your best friends. They also give the much needed “International Exposure” that we all quoted during ragging when asked about the reason for joining NUS. 🙂

The “gang” has gone from the whole freaking batch to just 5-6 people nowadays! My call log tells me the truth, if not anything else.  Ah well, I hope that I am able to keep the few close friends I have close to me for a long time! The situation will definitely improve once sem starts so in that sense, looking forward to Year 3. 🙂


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