Good thoughts

Today was a very uneventful day, so I am just going to post some things I read about today from the Greatness Guide.

1. Self betrayal is the worst kind of betrayal possible..

Keep your word and stick to your promises!

2. Walk the talk.

This is becoming more and more relevant as I lead. Why would anyone listen to me unless I listen to myself?

3. Speak like a superstar!

Your words define who you are. Make a list of the most used words in a normal day and see if the majority of them are positive or negative sounding. Then make another list of words that are “spectacularly positive sounding” and which will give you a different take on life itself! And consciously make sure you use these words everyday. When you feel great feelings, you do great things. 🙂

I know a few words are definitely going into the rubbish bin inside my head right now..

Have a nice Tuesday 🙂


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