29th July

This day was a VERY jam-packed day! Here’s why..

It was my last day at work with a million things to be finished! I had to do the hand-over of the stuff I was working on, and then get my clearance forms signed by everyone, and of course the farewell “party”. I had to also give my toshiba baby to the service centre for them to fix it.. so no more laptop for a week atleast 😐

Boss had given me so much work during the past week, and actually said -‘Oh I am so glad that everyone is working so much!” with a sadistic gleeful smile when he saw me and the other intern bent over our work the whole week. Anyway, he tried making up for it during the party by stuffing me with some buns and pastries that I obligingly ate, in spite of my suspicions that they were non-vegetarian… Gulp.

Then had to take a cab to airport to go home, since it was too late for the mrt. I have a thing against singapore cabs. They make me want to puke, especially during the long rides to the airport. That inevitably happened this time as well and when I was battling against my stomach, my dad called up and said that Tiger Airways has cancelled my flight! This was The Stimulus I needed to hurl and sure enough, all the evil buns came right out. 😦 (Thankfully I waited until I got to the airport to throw up).

Tiger Aiways SUCKS. They made me wait for an hour before giving me a refund application form and then saying bye. The flights for tomorrow were cancelled and they didnt seem to offer an alternate flight either. So I decided to go to Terminal 2 to try and catch an Air India flight home. That was a long process, with stuffy Indian government officials throwing their weight around and expecting me to wait patiently. Thanks to a friend’s timely money transfer, I was able to afford the expensive ticket and then get on the plane finally!

After all this hungama, I was really looking forward to sleeping on the plane when I found out that my seat was next to this big rowdy. Like a real live rowdy!! 6 feet tall and extremely hefty, with a gold and silver jewellery and completely bald except for a pony right at the middle of his head. He was really scary to see and I shuddered to think I would have to sit next to him for 4 hours! But the journey passed without event and he was actually not so bad. (He even asked me if I needed water or something).

And then I landed in Chennai at long last! It was all the more satisfying as I had an extremely long day and was almost not going to come. It was SO nice to see the family faithfully waiting for me at Arrivals. 😀

This day is also the 6th anniversary of me doing my Arangetram! So made it all the more special 🙂


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