Book Learnings- The Greatness Guide

This book was the first self help book I really loved! It is a very entertaining read, and Robin Sharma (the author) has put in little nuggets of wisdom into every chapter. Each chapter is just for a few pages, and there is one Big Idea that is quite executable on a daily basis. He is also a man of our times (not a “Guru”), with a family and troubles just like anyone else. That makes his stories much more interesting, as they are all learnings sourced from day-to-day life.

3 main learnings are-

a. Clarity breeds success.

Once we define our life goals and mission, it becomes easier to aim and work towards them. In the daily rush of life, we tend to lose track of the big things. Many a time I have asked myself- “why exactly am I doing this?” and been baffled at my own lack of an answer. The author suggests that we make a list of all our dreams and the things we wish to achieve, and review them every morning. This will help us focus and get some clarity in our lives.

b. I really liked the chapter on his Best Practices to keep mind, body and soul in perfect condition. Listed below..

1. Up at 5 am on weekdays with naps on weekends

2. Holy hour for 60 mins after waking up for personal growth and reflection

3.  5 power workouts a week

4. 1 massage a week

5. A world class diet

6. Journaling most days to build self awareness (I can vouch for this personally :))

7. Reading everyday

8. Success Statements review everyday (as explained in point a.)

9. Weekly planning session on Sunday morning

10. Atleast one conversation with an interesting person every week to keep the passion levels high

I found these practices immensely inspiring! If practised regularly, I can see them giving me awesome results.

So for a start, I am going wake up at a fixed time in the morning everyday (probably 7am) no matter what. I have been hearing the benefits of waking up early for far too long, that I might as well give it a honest attempt before denouncing the whole idea totally. So once I am back in Singapore, I am going to put this experiment into action! 😀

That, combined with my Planner should help me achieve my time management dream!

3. Another big concept in his book is “Getting what you want while loving what you have”. This is about striking that fine balance between the thirst to achieve more, while still being happy with your existing situation!

The Indian philosophy is about being contented with whatever you have, while many Western philosophies are about being a Go-Getter in life. I am confused between the two, and oscillate from one to another depending on my mental make-up that day. Hopefully I will achieve the great middle path sometime. 🙂

I would definitely recommend this book, and I hope to re-read it and start putting all his good advice into action soon.


4 thoughts on “Book Learnings- The Greatness Guide

  1. The problem in reading such a juicy extract of the book is that you feel like giving a miss reading the original !
    Leave some suspense in the book review for reading -challenged souls like me ! well done.

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