Today was a very interesting day. Visited a clinic after a long time (touch wood!) and got my eyes checked. All ok! 😀

I have always noticed that adult doctors are very brusque, as compared to the pediatricians. My old doctor (and now my sisters’) is an extremely sweet old lady who reminds me of my grandmother! She always welcomed me with a big smile, and seemed genuinely interested in me. Hospital visits were made bearable only because of her. In fact, my sister wants to be a doctor just like her!

The doctors for adults, however are another story. They greet you with a tired and weary look and have an attitude of “ok, lets get this over with quickly” all the time. The same happened with my eye check up today. I know that it a measly eye check up is a small thing for the doctors, but since I am paying 250Rs for this, I deserve atleast a small smile from them! Or perhaps I am just over reacting and the poor doctor had a long day..

Customer service training for doctors.. hmm. This will probably be a course for the doctors of the future (if there isn’t one already).


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