Another day of minimal activity.. Good news is that I am back in action tomorrow! 😀 Watching TV numbs the mind.. but watching the same tv shows on the laptop in NUS seems to be super way to spend time. Wonder why.

Due to extreme boredom, I have started reading the Mahabharata by Rajaji (all other fiction books at home have been read atleast two times. Sigh). It is actually pretty interesting and applicable to real life if you go past the literal meaning [attempt reading only if you are feeling a little awake, though.]

Friday is here! YAY for all my working friends 🙂


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  1. Lol, you can’t say Mahabharata is fiction just like might get into trouble. :p
    But yes, Rajaji’s book is pretty well written..
    Oh, and on comp you have control over what you watch, TV they decide. Plus there are the stupid ads that get played over and over again..

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