New semester

So long since my last blog post!

Many things have happened since then, including Indian Dance’s first official show for the year 🙂 , a broken down laptop (which was then later reformatted by the geekiness of yours truly) and of course lectures in NUS.

It felt rather nice to sit in a lecture theatre after all the office experience, to be honest. Have taken a LOT of resolutions for this semester with a lot of money at stake as well.. hope I am able to keep all of them up!

On things that were good today-

I am walking with a limp in my foot (which is slowly reducing, thank god) and as a result, many people stop by and give me a smile with a “Take care, Shweta!”.  Even the tea stall guy in Science says ‘hello and how are you’ every time I go there (he is an amazing person btw. Makes you want to travel all way across campus just to see him smile widely and give you tea :D). Anyway, today I was in a blah mood and many people took some time out to inquire how I was doing. That made me feel so rich in friends! 🙂

Friday at last!! Have a good day all.


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