Restarting the Blog

Hello my dear readers!

Alright, so I am re-starting my blog.. I have missed it too much!

I kept trying to think of a nice new topic for my blog but cant seem to think of anything “worthwhile”. So I thought that this should just be a random blog where I put in anything that comes to my fancy. Hopefully, it will be an everyday-post kind of thing. 🙂

Today was Dhrutham by NUS IIE. It had 6 of my best friends participate in it and I quite enjoyed myself throughout.. its always fun to dress up and look pretty while others are stressing out on the stage. 😛 Also got to meet a lot of people I haven’t been in touch with for a while. So a nice evening all in all!

Have a nice Thursday. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Restarting the Blog

  1. All ye fans of Decembermist’s blog !
    Season II has begun..
    Tune in everyday to dip into a kaleidoscopic range of emotions – happy,sad, funny,lonely, cheerful,blah..blah
    Welcome back !

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