Book Learnings – Rework by Jason Fried

Very interesting book, with a whole new perspective on managing your company.

Rework is by the founder of 16-membered successful company called 37signals. This book is a bunch of learnings they got out of starting their company from scratch, and acts as a guide for people who want to start their own. There are a lot of strong opinions that go against conventional thinking. But they actually do make sense and it is important we understand that one point of view can be as valid as another, just that they are different.

Some things I got out of the book that can be applied in my day-to-day life-

1. Meetings are poison

When you call for a meeting, say for an hour with 10 people, you are actually using up TEN work hours instead of one. There is also invariably just a lot of talk with nothing real getting done. So be very careful when you call for meetings and try to keep them short, simple and sweet. Use a timer to stick to specific times for discussing each problem.

2. Inspiration- expires now!

Inspiration is valuable and perishes easily. So if you feel that bout of inspiration hitting you all of a sudden, do not wait to act on it! Jump on the task now and even if it means giving up your weekend, its totally worth it. When you are inspired, you always end up packing in more punch in 24 hours than you would have ever done in a normal week.

This is a big learning for me- inspirations are rare and when they do arrive, I must make sure I act on them immediately! (an act of sudden inspiration was to read this book in 2 hours and write the review 🙂 )

3.  Do not use the word ASAP. Ever.

It makes everything else seem less important and gives an air of urgency t\hat is not necessary most of the time! And it is sort of obvious that everyone wants their problem to be solved as soon as possible. To be used only in real real emergencies.

4. The longer you keep putting something off, the less likely you will be to finish it.

Very true! This ties in with finishing tasks before the deadline, so that your work is unhurried, good quality and does not have the “last-minute” air around it.

5. Use examples while making your point.

Every time I read the heading of a page, the immediate reaction would be- “that is not true”. But once the author explained the rationale behind his argument with clear, real-life examples, I would get swayed to his way of thinking. Awesome!

Verdict- would recommend it. It is a refreshing (and short) read. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Book Learnings – Rework by Jason Fried

  1. Thanks for providing one more juicy extract of books I may seldom read ! Very true about ‘Inspiration Expiry’- Live the Moment to get the best out of life 🙂

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