Fighting Inertia

Inertia, starting trouble, writer’s block.. all deterrents to the creative mind!

I am home after a semester and I would love to do nothing but laze and live in my own, sweet, book-filled, 6-times-a-day-meals and 10-hour-sleep dreamland. But I also want to do so many many interesting things that I cannot easily do while in the middle of the hectic life at NUS. I am also sure that I will regret “whiling away” my holiday time, once I am back in Singapore.

Chennai in December seems made to relax and live the good life. It is a constant battle between me and the alarm at 6am in the morning when I try to go learn Yoga (it has not happened even once, yet). I see my family go about their usual activities regardless of rain or shine- that brings a little guilt into my system but not for long, since there is always some deliciously lazy activity to slip into and forget everything.

But tomorrow is another new day (what would we do if not for these beautiful clean slates everyday!) and I am determined to shake inertia out of my system. Having systems that fine you for laziness definitely work. 🙂

Ready, set, go!! 😀


6 thoughts on “Fighting Inertia

  1. Firstly, I really like your new blog format.

    Secondly, it is a ‘holiday’. You’ll never get a month to do nothing at home before you know it..

    So, I hope you have tons of fun, sleep late and take loads of afternoon naps. (That’s my one advice to anyone in university. Take loads of naps at all times during the day)

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