Hi Society

A few days ago, I got an opportunity to attend a Reception hosted by the Indian High Commission for Republic Day, in a 5 star hotel. I went as part of CFA to promote Anweshana (my dance show) and it proved to be a BIG learning experience! The event was filled with all the eminent professionals (mostly Indians) in Singapore. The book Never Eat Alone was extremely useful during the two hours I spent there- phrases and incidents described in the book kept popping up in my head as I “networked”.

I got forced out of my shell by my boss who accompanied me to this event. Being rather introverted, I would always wait for someone to speak to me before I ventured to say anything. But this time it was different! Balancing a glass of orange juice in one hand, Anweshana booklets in another and carrying a huge, heavy backpack, I connected with people!! Not to mention eating food from tiny tiny plates and poking rice with a stupid fork. Initially, I was so nervous while talking to someone that I kept dropping my fork on the floor! 😐

Towards the middle of the Reception, I actually enjoyed myself though! Besides, most of the VERY high up people were quite down to earth and looked kind and approachable. ALL of them promised to support my show in whatever way they could! 😀 Towards the end of the event, I was very tired from walking around meeting so many people, but also very satisfied with myself.

Even if their words were empty and no one does turn up for Anweshana, it wouldn’t really matter.. atleast I have learnt so much on interacting with people! Looking forward to doing this again very soon. 😀


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