One good thing a day

After almost of week of internal debate, I have decided to start posting one good thing/ learning a day. This process had greatly helped me previously but the thought of the blog becoming monotonous kept stopping me. After a particularly hard day today, I realised I wanted to do this for MYSELF- not for anyone else.. it all became very clear then. 🙂 So thats the story of today. And who knows, I might want to make my day more interesting so that I have something good to write about!

My big positive from today is feeling thankful for having so many friends around me, so that even if one group drifts away I always have someone to talk to. This beautiful set of people are my dance class Alumni friends!! I didn’t do well in class today (in fact, for a number of days), being quite stressed about some unrelated things. But these girls (and boy) really cheered me up with their funny stories about the most random things on earth! (eg- a Hindi horror movie about a woman who was raped by the Wind (??!!!), all of us being “the personification of perspiration”, work-life incidents, etc etc). I also got to get of out of campus for a while and enjoy the randomness. So all in all, dance class friends saved the day!! 🙂

Tomorrow should be a good day.. I am going to watch a Kathakali show for the first time ever and am VERY excited 😀

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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