Biology love

I had a very interesting GEM lecture today. It was about mutations in the DNA, and how changing one base pair sequence can disrupt the whole DNA strand! (for example, something as simple as deleting one “A” from a strand of ATTTGGCAA.  This could possibly lead to serious defects in the human body. It amazed me to realise this very simple fact- how very lucky we all are to have such a functional body that never has failed (yet).

The DNA has its own various repair mechanisms as well, to protect us from mutations in the DNA sequence. Its so cool that we have such a sophisticated system running inside our bodies, and we take it for granted all the time. I really enjoyed my lesson today and it reminded me of why I wanted to become a doctor as a kid! (I sort of gave up on that dream since it didn’t seem to be practical at that point in time..).

I heart Biology!! This is one course I actually want to ace. 🙂

Have a productive Tuesday all.


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