Lazy day..

Well, today didn’t turn out quite how I expected it to be- it was a VERY lazy day. I slept a lot, watched a lot of  TV, ate non-food (i.e- no rice) all day and then some dance work. And I actually don’t feel that bad about it. I guess I felt I deserved some random time, and I got that today. The great thing is that tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday are allll holidays!! 🙂 CNY is fun that way. (Although it is NOT fun that there is absolutely no food anywhere, no transport and no cleaners to de-stink the toilets. Sigh.)

Its already a few days into Feb.. before you know it this sem will be over and I will be on my way to becoming a final year student!  Its a little scary that time passes by so quickly, don’t you think?


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