Today is friday, it is my day to do what I want
Mama can tell me that I’m goin nowhere, I’m just a prisoner of my fate
Would you come along, bring me in
Would you come along, bring me in
Bring me in

Today is Friday and it was a good day! I did some amount of working, following which we went to Sentosa!! Now the last time I went there is actually pretty recent- around October, when my mom and sister paid a visit to Singapore. The whole beach this time was nicely decorated for the New Year and was really nice to see! The beaches are nothing compared to our Marina Beach of course, but it is always nice to see waves splashing against the sand, however small they may be. ResortsWorld was awesome as ever.. the Hersheys shop gets me high every single time I visit it! So so so many chocolates… I would love to work part-time in such a shop. It smells so heavenly!

Saturday is already here.. which is a little depressing because it means that Monday is not far behind. 2 days of freedom left!!



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