Javanese dance

Productive day. FINALLY!

Also, I learnt Javanese dance in class today! It was awesome. Our teacher was an old(ish) man, but the way he moved was like a young girl! So very graceful. And serene as well.. after his class I felt so relaxed and calm. It was almost as if I was in Java travelling in a boat, instead of inside the studio! The movements are in some ways similar to Bharatanatyam (in terms of stiffness and stance), yet very different. More delicate, more sensuous.. and much more expression-less! Apparently the dancers’ faces have to be mask-like at all times- they can convey expressions only through their bodies. That was one thing I found surprising.. what is dance if not expression in the face! But I loved the overall style of dance. Java, being an island has influenced the dance form to consist of many movements that mirror travelling inside a boat (rocking and swaying movements). I would definitely like to learn more Javanese dance.. and dance the Ramayana! I think it will be really interesting to see the very familiar story interpreted through a different dance style.

So yes.. it was this Javanese dance that made my day today. 🙂

Have a great Sunday all!


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