I am an Owl

Today was a super day thanks to the following things-

1. I finished one submission for EE2001.

2. My fever left, leaving me with just a cold (and a non-runny nose, thank heavens.)

3.  A friend who gave me more than 100 songs from her collection through Dropbox! I lost all my music during my last computer reformatting session and had to depend on Youtube and Grooveshark for music at all times. Of course, this proved to be a big problem when I was working offline. But my day was made today because of this music! It is always very nice to have something random blasting while I work. 😀

4. I stayed up late. No matter what I tell myself about the benefits of sleeping early, I am in my ELEMENT at night!

So yes, definitely a good day. Tomorrow is the day of 2 submissions.. hope everything goes well.

Have a greaaaaat Wednesday all!


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