Much mushiness at Arts

A long Monday, as always! I studied in CL today!!! 🙂 Call me a nerd, but I really missed the place this semester.  Most of the time, I just end up sitting in the 2001 lab. But the library really gives me the “ihavetostudy” mood.. just looking at the people sitting near you mugging like there’s no tomorrow can jolt you out of your lazy reverie. Of course, in times of extreme stress, it can also send you to near depression but oh well.

So yes..  the library made my day today. And also to see so many Valentine’s day things  lined up along the Arts Walkway! Roses, chocolates, song dedications, cards, heart balloons… anything and everything mushy!  (Yes, Vday is very consumerist and I wouldn’t buy a rose stalk for 3 dollars ever), but its still very nice to see! It just gives you a good feeling about life when you see so many people appreciating others. People say that you’re supposed to appreciate your loved ones everyday.. but that practically never happens. So why not celebrate Valentine’s Day and just be happy about it? You can choose to not be consumerist and buy roses on 15th Feb, that’s totally a different matter altogether.

Happy Tuesday all!


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