Yesterday was such a long long day! I came this close to losing it and freaking out several times during the day but thankfully pulled myself together and worked! So very happy about that. 🙂 I also went for my first visit to a Chinese Singaporean’s home! It was so beautiful and oriental, right from the cutlery they used to the Mandarin poems hand-written by my friend’s dad. I had gone for a dinner+meeting, and it was quite fun! They had a traditional Steam Boat, which is essentially a gas stove set on the table containing a vessel of boiling chicken stock. The food (lettuce, greens, mushrooms, fish/chicken balls, sausages, pork, etc) were then just thrown into this soup and cooked for about 30 seconds before they were transferred to small bowls and eaten with rice or noodles. I couldn’t eat anything during the dinner, being a vegetarian, but it was very interesting to see them eat!! The idea of this kind of dinner is that you get to bond with the family while you wait for your food to be cooked.. and as a result, this type of dinner typically stretches to about 2-3 hours! My friend felt very bad about me not able to eat the food (I forgot to inform her earlier about me being vegetarian) so she convinced me to eat this Chinese desert called Tangyuan (glutinous ball). It was made of red bean and peanuts and looked like a spongy version of a kozhakattai in a syrup. Now, I am very picky about the food I eat and have very strong likes and dislikes. But I didn’t want to be a baby in front of team-mates so I braced myself and ate it.. and it was really quite nice!! 😀 Plus, it was completely meatless so I didn’t really have any excuses. So yes.. nice day! And I am learning to single-task efficiently, as opposed to “multi-tasking”. It helps reduce stress and things get done better and faster.. One thing at a time. 🙂 Have a good Friday and weekend, all!


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