High flying! (on top of trees)

The past few days were packed, as always- but not so packed that I didn’t have time to post. I think the inertia of getting back to a task (however pleasant) when once broken is really high! I kept putting my blog last on my priority list and as a result, would always sleep before I got that far down on the list.

Anyway, I’ve been doing the usual stuff… apart from an adventure this weekend!! 🙂 I went on a Forest Adventure with some friends and had loads of fun! I used to go on a lot of treks as part of school when I was a kid- I’ve been on a trekking adventure to the Himalayas (near Manali), and had a loads of fun. All those memories came back when I went on Sunday’s trip. We zipped across a lake on a rope tied from one end of the lake to the other (!!), walked a tightrope between treetops, scrambled through tunnels and even acted like Tarzan swinging from a rope into a “spider net”! It was tremendous fun, although quite scary. Our guide was a very strict man called George (of the Jungle) who made sure we were all safely tied up with harnesses and helmets. Although I can’t believe how none of us fell down and broke body parts! I feel like Mowgli. 😀

This is a video from their website- http://www.forestadventure.com.sg/index.php?page_id=992

And all this thanks to some senior friends who treated us poor undergrads. 😀

After all that fun, NUS life seems very mundane and dull..

This week is Recess Week though. Time to sit down with the books (and be dull) and knock some stuff into my brains, before Anweshana takes everything away again.

Have a great Tuesday all!


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