Pwned by pointers

Today was a coding day. Me and coding are as far apart as the North and South Pole, but due to the undeniable fact of me belonging to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. in NUS, I have no choice but to bump into it occasionally! As expected, it threw me into the murky depths of C pointers and arrays and I was thankfully fished out by a geek. The said geek threw some light on all that mess, and after hours of sitting in front of the laptop, the code finally compiled!!

Whether it works or not only tomorrow will tell, but for now I am satisfied. 🙂

Today was also the day I interacted with some “young blood”. After spending about three years in NUS, I feel rather old and jaded.. and it is very refreshing to see enthusiastic first years! I worked with a girl on some dance emails, and it was so nice to see her general cheeriness about everything in life. She put a smile on my face with her’s and greatly helped calm my nerves! (I had a hard day before the code compiled…).

So yes, not such a bad day after all.. Have a good Wednesday all. 🙂



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