Costumes arrive!

The past two days have been characterised by a lot of sleep, a lotttttttt of dance-related work, and some attempts at studying. Not to mention being perennially hunry. ALL THE TIME. (in case I wasn’t emphatic enough). Now this is very irritating to a person who foolishly believes that 2 anjappar-sized meals are enough for them. It isn’t. Apparently the “growing child” needs sustenance every two hours or it is prone to throw tantrums and well, act like a child. I miss my mom! It is nice (in retrospect) to have someone come and give you sucky food on a plate rather than go search yourself and find sucky food to eat.

Anyway, after that rant, I will move on to pleasant things.. like the arrival of Indian Dance costumes from Chennai!!! The tailor finally got bored of my mom bugging him everyday and decided to send the costumes over to Singapore. And they finally arrived! In a gigantic carton weighing 17 kilos. Since the trolley lenders had closed for the day, I was left with no option but to drag the carton all the way to my room or call friends for help.. I kept staring at the box, willing it to move when a godsend appeared! It was an exchange student from England, originally from Ghana. He took one look at the box and me and offered to carry it for me! 🙂 The sweet man carried it all the way from the PGP office to my block lift and was so courteous!  He also seemed to know about Anweshana (!!!), through another Indian friend. That really made my day! It is very heartening to see that random people know what you are working for.. 🙂 Gave me new inspiration for the day!

So yes, that was a rather bleak Tuesday turned into a tolerable one. Hope tomorrow is good for all of us. 🙂



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