Today was a kick-ass day!! For many reasons-

1. My subsystem for ee2001 finally worked after a week of tinkering around!! It is just a very minor victory but I still feel awesome. 😀

2. Today was the first day this entire semester when I felt that the Anweshana was “coming together”! And this was thanks to a very good meeting with the exco, followed by some good ol’ ticketing math. Tickets don’t seem to be as bad as I feared! And math is always soothing to the mind.

3. I did not lose my cool the entire day. This is definitely a cause for celebration. I am prone to getting stressed when faced with a zillion deadlines from all sides, but today I was the Buddha. And I am still running on the adrenaline of the day, as I write this.. Hope the positive energy continues till March 11th!

So yes, I am grateful for a good day. Have a good Thursday all! nearing the end of the week already 🙂


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