Why Science is awesome

Science (the faculty) is really very cool! I have never had classes in Science until this semester, and as a result used to just visit the canteen once in a while. But this semester, I have really been exploring the faculty and it is the best on campus! Not because it is new like the biz building or fully aircon like SoC or colourful like Arts (notice Engin is not even in the picture).. it just feels like a “college place”. The buildings don’t seem to be the typical NUS clinically perfect types..

The faculty is huge! From S1- S15(?) and various other small research labs on the side. And I truly realised the “research-intensive-ness” of NUS when I saw all the mind-boggling number of labs in Science- they look so awesome! Full of weird smells, equipment and lab-coats, they seem much more impressive than engin labs.

I had to go on a marketing trip to the Department of Biological Sciences, to try and sell tickets to the Indian profs. And once I entered the building, I felt like I was back in India again!! Indian grad students (from India, not Singaporeans) were swarming the place and very nerdy ones, at that. (Almost all looked padips/padhaaku types, with spectacles, oily hair and very serious looks on their faces.)

Anyway, coming back to the point, Science is awesome also because of cute little gardens here and there! I wandered around a fair bit trying to find shortcuts to get to my classes, and saw so many of them. Oh and lastly. Science rocks ’cause of its Tea and the friendly guy who serves it! 🙂


On a very unrelated note- only 1 week to Anweshana! To all my dear readers, if you haven’t bought a ticket yet, please do check this out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbt_zz2oXFw and contact me for a ticket! 🙂


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