Good days, and luck

I love having ‘good days’. These make me feel really good about life, even though I may be dead tired at the end of it. So I am always on the quest for this elusive good day.. And after analysing a few of my recent good days, I think I can quantify them as consisting of several constant and small factors-

1. Waking up with 7 hours of sleep- not more and definitely not less.

2. Having atleast one decent meal (subway/engin does not count), and having all meals at the right times

3. Having Ya Kun Tea after lunch. 🙂 [Bad tea really puts me off, and this tea is a GREAT happy-feeling-creator, inspite of being ridiculously overpriced.]

4. Atleast 30mins of exercise.

5. Meeting one good friend at some point in the day to talk crap, even if it is for just ten minutes.

6. Ticking off my task list at the end of the day to see that I’ve got ten points!

After sitting down to make this list, I see that most of the factors are in fact, my hands! It is very heartening to know that I have the capability to turn my bad days into good ones by just incorporating a few of the above small things into my routine. So I hope I have Super Days more often! 🙂


I have also been wondering a lot about why some people never seem to have any bad luck while others don’t seem to see the end of it. I’ve concluded that the probability of bad luck in your life is equal to the probability of good luck in it. And generally, luck tends to vary only when you take risks and put yourself out of your comfort zone more often. So if you seem to be having some bad luck now, don’t worry- it’s going to reverse in a while and you’re going to get a higher amount of good luck in return! High risk, high returns. 😀

Have a good day all!


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