On personality..

Okay well I didn’t manage to go shopping. But I did go to Sim Lim Tower to buy a Real Time Clock for my project. Does that count as shopping? :-/

The good part of today was speaking to a good friend who’s on exchange.. it was a long time since we spoke and I had a really good time catching up with her! 🙂 It was also the day of receiving long, satisfyingly juicy replies to my hello emails from my friends from India. The best part of writing emails is to receive replies!

Philosophical me has been thinking on the concept of introverted-ness.. I call myself an introvert and prefer hanging out with my small group of close friends.I am always the quiet one when it comes to large gatherings and parties.. Although I do feel perfectly miserable if I don’t speak to my friends on a regular basis.

On the other hand, I have a colleague who is such a loner that she feels meeting people is a waste of time- she prefers packing away her food, sitting in front of the comp and watching videos. While this behavior is okay after a long day when you just want some quiet time, it is very strange for a person to live like this all the time! Consequently, she has very few friends and largely depends on her family for emotional support. So compared to her, I am a bubble of energy and radiate love for people! I also know of people who are extremely outgoing when it comes to the workplace/team, but present a much more quieter version of themselves in their personal lives..

All this just feels like the two words introvert and extrovert are just very subjective indeed.. What is the right amount? Is it right to change your personality to best fit the surroundings?


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