“Upgrading” is a favourite word of the Singaporeans. They upgrade anything and everything on a very consistent basis. While this is an admirable thing, sometimes its a bit of problem! Take the case of NUS Computer Centre’s ThinkLab. This room used to have about 100 horrible Lenovo desktops that constantly hung, were very slow and generally tested everyone’s patience. As a result, the room was never very full and you could always depend on getting a comp to yourself for a few hours. To me, it was on the same level as my equally dabba Toshiba laptop (only I am allowed to insult my laptop, btw), so I could easily tolerate the slow comps and hence, this place was a favourite. But now! Things have changed.. the desktops have been replaced by large screen, awesome looking and incredibly fast Dell desktops running on Windows 7! Unsurprisingly, the whole of Engin queues up everyday in ThinkLab to use the comps and print out notes. And I hardly ever get a seat inside. Wish things were back to their old, sucky state.

The flipside of upgrading, especially, when you don’t have enough to satisfy demand.. 😦


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