Blogging for lazy people

I keep getting these random poetic lines/brilliant thoughts once in a while that I store away to develop into a full blog post, but somehow that never happens. I always put it away for later (which is inevitably never), since I am too lazy to think just a little bit more and develop that thought into a proper few paragraphs.

I guess this is why Tumbr and Twitter have become so popular. They are really good for lazy people like me who would like to write but seem to have no inspiration to do so, and hence just put up mysterious one-liners that seem to make sense, but don’t. Added to this is the horror of reblogging. It just reeks of unimaginative thinking. I see entire blogs made of just reblogs from other people. How on earth is this supposed to be an expression of yourself?! I guess it is a great way to market your stuff (if you’re the one who is being reblogged) but it is just sad for the rest of the world. Thats not called writing- its called a collage for the stuff you like!

It is disdain for these kinds of blogs that is keeping lazy me from jumping the bandwagon and start microblogging. Hats off the people I know who make time to write regularly, and write sensibly.


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