Milk Snootiness.. and cold calling customers

I love chocolate milk and drink a glass everyday. And of course, have it with Koko Krunch. But it is quite expensive and I usually settle for the “Buy 2 for 4.95” Daisy milk pack. I was happy with this milk all along until a friend burst my happy bubble. He introduced me to the deliciously chocolatey floating-in-the-air-feeling inducing expensive Magnolia chocolate milk! And now, I cant stand my poor 4.95 pack. Urgghh. I have joined the dark side and demand only expensive, quality products! My poor bank account. 😦

(This is not an ad for Magnolia, btw).

In other things that have been interesting in life, I have started work! It is at a Start-up. Working here is good, but it is not THAT exciting and glamorous as it is usually perceived to be. Then again, maybe you need to be in the Bay Area for the entrepreneurship cool dude feeling to arrive. Anyway, it is an interesting job- I am in charge of Sales, along with 2 other permanent staff. I have realised that the key to a good internship is wholly dependent on myself to think of it as a permanent job, and give it my all. When you think of anything as a short term thing, you are bound to limit yourself subconsciously. So reinforcing that fact to myself everyday is making a big difference in my attitude towards the internship!

Coming to the job itself, it involves a lot of cold calling customers and setting up appointments to meet them personally. I have a great fear of calling people up on the phone- it was very strong as a kid, where I would shiver and quake at even the thought of calling up my dance teacher to call in sick. Invariably, my parents would scold me and force me to make the call anyway, but the fear never really has gone away. And now, when I have to call random people constantly, the thought is quite scary! But it is a great learning experience- I can see myself making tiny improvements everyday, which is nice. I have also started reading Advanced Selling Strategies by Brian Tracy in an effort to improve myself. Learnings coming up soon. 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone!


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