An afternoon at SAGE

Today I had the opportunity to visit SAGE (Singapore Action Group of Elders) as part of my internship. I had to present to them what my company does, and it was a really good experience! I got to make a presentation (I had been waiting for an opportunity for ages), met some really nice people and felt really good at the end of it.

The elderly here are very active- all of them know how to use the internet and have email accounts! We (myself and a colleague) had to personally speak to them one-on-one at the end of our presentation and clarify any questions they had about our service. And it was so nice interacting with them! They reminded me so much of my own grandparents..

I also got to speak to this CEO of SAGE, who took an interest in me and started asking about the recent elections in TamilNadu, with the “actress becoming the Chief Minister”. And this was coming from an old Singaporean man! I found that very interesting. He spoke at length about India and how I should save money and if  I was on scholarship to study in Singapore. When he spoke with me, I felt like I was speaking to my grandfather again.. so paternal was his advice to me. 🙂

So yes, an interesting day at work! Hope to have more of these coming my way. Happy FRIDAY everyone 😀


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